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Uproar Tour 2010, Tempe Beach Park

So I attended the Uproar Tour last Sunday. I had won free tickets and wasn’t planning on attending this show simply because of the fact that A7X and Disturbed are headlining the festival and well lets just say they aren’t my favorite two bands. But you can’t beat free live music, so my brother and I decided to make the trek to Tempe and see what Uproar had to offer.

Two of the bands on the bill are bands that I already knew would be entertaining, Airbourne and Stone Sour, considering the fact that I have seen both live before. But everything else was rather unknown, except for the two headliners which I have seen before and hate with a passion.

It was another great September day in Arizona with temperatures boiling over to a near 110 degrees, awesome. After an excruciatingly long wait in line the gates were finally opened. We went straight for a drink stand and found out that they would not be giving out ice and they had to poor bottles in plastic cups, which is standard fare and didn’t surprise me, but the ice thing did. We live in a desert, provide your patrons with cold drinks, we pay enough for them don’t we?

After we purchased our luke warm drinks we headed over to the second stage.

Eyes Set To Kill was the first band to play and they are about as generic as generic can be. Arizona has a knack for producing some terrible metal bands and Eyes Set To Kill doesn’t break the mold. They would be literally nowhere without the sister duo in the band, who are half way attractive.

Hail The Villain was up next and they really surprised. This band is talented, they sound excellent and the front man is hilarious. I was semi familiar with their material before Uproar and I am now following this band closely, they will blow up very soon and if they don’t, then I have lost all of the little hope I had for radio hard rock.

Chad Taylor-Hail The Villain

Bryan Crouch-Hail The Villain

New Medicine took to the stage after Hail The Villain. They are a semi-talented band, with a bad attitude, a generic sound and they were completely out of place on Uproar.

Airbourne finally hit the stage and the hard rockers from Australia tore it up. Seeing Airbourne live is something I recommend to all music lovers, metal, hard rock or other wise. They are simply awesome to see. So much energy from them, it is contagious. I will definitely catch Airbourne for a third time when they come back around to Phoenix.

Joel O'Keeffe-Airbourne

Justin Street, David Roads-Airbourne

We decided to skip Hellyeah and head over to the main stage to get ready for Halestorm who were opening it up.

Halestorm are really bland to me, they produce some generic hard rock, every song is about Lzzy Hale and her experiences with men…or so it seems. They aren’t bad…but they aren’t great…just a solid band I suppose who are probably selling themselves short to make some cash.

Stone Sour was up next and they delivered. They sounded just as good as the last time they rolled through Phoenix, nearly three years ago. Corey Taylor said he was feeling under the weather but I couldn’t notice. Jim Root and Corey did look like they were enjoying themselves and I imagine being on the road takes their mind off their fallen friend Slipknot bassist Paul Gray. This may sound selfish but I hope Corey and Jim keep their focus on Stone Sour. Slipknot has ran its course and to be honest the two bands sounds were merging together with each new record.

Stone Sour

Corey Taylor-Stone Sour

We made our way to the exits after Stone Sour. Avenged Sevenfold and Disturbed are not my cup of tea and too be completely honest most of their fans are rather obnoxious and have little if any respect for others around them and they make shows rather unenjoyable.

For the price, Uproar was a great way to spend a Sunday in Arizona.


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